About CCamelOT

CCamelOT is a Perl/JavaScript implementation of OT-CC by Michael Becker.

OT-CC is first presented in McCarthy, John J. (forthcoming) Hidden Generalizations: Phonological Opacity in Optimality Theory. London: Equinox Publishing Company.

You may cite CCamelOT as follows:
Becker, Michael (2005) CCamelOT web application, http://people.umass.edu/mbe/CCamelOT/

You can download the code from the I need a constraint! page.


For their valuable feedback and ideas, I would like to thank Tim Beechey, Kathryn Flack, Peter Jurgec, Shigeto Kawahara, Mike Key, John Kingston, John McCarthy, Joe Pater, Chris Potts, Anne-Michelle Tessier and Matt Wolf. Special thanks go to Kathryn Flack, John McCarthy and Matt Wolf for their helpful comments on several versions of CCamelOT. I am also grateful to the audience at the LSA 80th Annual meeting in Albuquerque, especially Luigi Burzio, Jason Riggle, Donca Steriade and Adam Wayment. Thanks also to the audience at the Tel Aviv University linguistics department colloquium, especially to Outi Bat-El, Tal Keidar, Chuck Kisseberth, Fred Landman and Omer Preminger. Thanks to Youri Zabbal for technical help.

I found much inspiration in two programs that do OT-related things:
OTSoft by Bruce Hayes, Bruce Tesar, and Kie Zuraw.
PRAAT by Paul Beorsma and David Weenink.